Benefits of Motor Credit Check

Very quick and easy to add to your website

For existing Codeweavers customers getting motor credit check is as simple as adding a web link to your website next to each finance calculation, we take care of all the setup on our side.

For non Codeweavers customers, we have many options to easily add the calculators onto your site along with the Motor Credit Check service.

Help your customers understand their creditworthiness

Many finance applications made on dealer's websites are submitted by customers testing out if they are likely to be accepted for finance. Using Motor Credit Check potential customers can do this without taking up your time and effecting your efficiencies with your lenders. You will be notified when customers perform a Motor Credit Check and you can decide what steps to take to follow up on the lead.

Generate qualified sales leads

Not only will you get the qualified sales lead from a fully completed Motor Credit Check, but customer details that are only partially completed will also be sent to you to follow up. You will receive real-time notifications as customers complete the form.

Deal more efficiently with customer prospects

Knowing how creditworthy your potential customers are will mean you can more effectively target your efforts.

Available to use in your showroom

We also can provide a showroom tool that gives your sales team access to the Motor Credit Check functionality. This means that you can integrate a Motor Credit Check into your sales process and manage customers better by taking into account their credit rating.

You pay only for the leads you get

Best of all, you only pay for the leads that you receive or the searches you perform in the showroom. Leads generated from partially completed forms are not charged for.

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